Websites and White Spaces: A Tale of Two W’s

Website Design – These two words have become the buzzword since the day internet has opened to the public on a commercial level. The aspect of website design has evolved over the ages. In our lifetime, we have gone through several changes in the context of designing the website. We have seen the design to get flashy, matted, glittery or even colored in Neon.


It becomes the responsibility of the website designer to deal with all the elements to come up with the right font, colors and images. But one thing, which has caught the eyes of every designer of our time, is the appropriate use of the white spaces. 2013 have been buzzing with the words of white space.


So, what exactly is a White Space?


Whenever any particular design is taken into consideration, the empty space, which is provided in the design is the white space. It is not mandatory for the white space to become always white. The white space is that particular space which lacks the graphics and the images. The term is also synonymous to negative space as well.


In the context of website design, white space can be considered one of most important elements, which are impact full to the target audience for the last few years.


Why use White Space?


There is a misconception among even the seasoned website designers that white spaces have no value other than acting as empty spaces. But they are wrong from the core. To them white spaces are the place reserved for the contents which can help with the reading, clicking and the selling procedure. But white space has a bigger purpose for the readers more than serving as the empty space. This brings us to the big question


How far white space can help in the optimisation of the website design?


White Space takes the job for creating the contrast on any single page of a particular website. It is this element of the website design, which helps the content to breathe. This way you would be able to emphasize more on the words and the images.  The job of a skilled designer involves manipulating the content so that the crucial most point would be appropriately highlighted along with the important contents.


There are several of benefits to the aspect of white spaces, if it is properly used. This blog post would be dealing with some of the benefits through the following lines.


Why White Spaces are healthy for your web pages?


A) Providing the spotlight on the call-to-action button


One of the most important tools of any online business is the call-to-action. More prominent the call-to-action of the business would be, the more the success of the business. The white space helps in outlining the call-to-action.


Minimalist design is a trend which has been seen to be popular throughout the last few years. These designs have put much emphasis on white spaces. These space in the website has guided the visitor to do what they are supposed to do next. These trends have proven that white space can be beneficial for the business.


B) White Spaces to Guide the Readers through the Pages


Call-to-action is not the only thing what a white space can achieve. When it comes to navigation of websites, white spaces can prove to be absolutely amazing. Just by manipulating the empty spaces, website designer is able to create innovative navigation to guide the visitor’s eye in a specific logical order.  If the navigation is done the right way, it is highly possible convert the customer into a client.


C) White Spaces Speaks Louder Than Words


One of the recent studies shows that the right use of white spaces in websites are more appealing to the target audience compared to the ones which are jam packed with words. The study suggests that users take the sites, which make the uses of white spaces more appealing, to be more trustworthy. Just be precise while communicating the message and these white spaces will help you to boost your work. It’s not mandatory to give a sales pitch and cover your website. Keep it short and simple.


D) Be Wise and Be Concise


When it comes to websites, today’s website designer keep in mind the importance of white spaces, they execute the site by applying a lot of thought and logic to it. So if you are website designer, you have to be as concise as possible and put essential elements like heading and sub headings to break the page. And, don’t forget to make the content ready for SEO as well.


As a designer, it is your duty to see that the audience should stay on the site longer compared to the others. So use the white spaces of the page the best way possible to get hold of the user’s attentions. Even before you go for the manipulation of the white spaces on your website go for a thorough research through the websites, which has cleverly utilize this phenomenon.  All the best with your website!