User Perspective on Websites

A good web designer always has the website’s users in mind. The requirements of the users should be paramount in the designer’s mind. Visitors are repeated only if they find the website engaging and easy to use.

It is the responsibility of the web designer to find out the technical limitations of the users. It may happen that a majority of the users have a slow internet connection- about 56 kilobits per second. Thus, a nice Flash presentation that introduces a visitor to your site and takes a massive 500 kilobyte is obviously unsuitable for the website. The only way to go about it is to make the Flash presentation optional.

The website design Sydney professional, when creating an e-commerce website must also understand the behavioral habits of the target audience. If this can be achieved, then the company can gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Examples of user habits include that most people do not read web pages; they scan them. A few internet users proceed straight to the search bar to find out what they are searching for. A few users prefer to open hyperlinks to new websites in a new browser window; so they can continue to read the current page, while a new website is downloading in a separate window.

A great web designer company may actively influence a website’s target audience aggressively. They even replace the systems presently being utilized by the user. To do this, it must be found out the systems visitors are using to carry out certain tasks. This is especially true for an e-commerce website where an existing system can be replaced by a far superior and efficient one. For example, a customer, instead of phoning a representative of a company for enquiries can do the same thing online. This not only leads to customer satisfaction, but also results in huge cost savings for the company. Costs will be saved as there is no need to keep a large number of customer service representatives.