Typography and website design

Typography is an integral part of web design. The term refers to the technique of arranging typefaces for communication purposes. It transmits a message. We will discuss web typography in this context.

Web typography is a new branch of typography. It complements images in a web page to impart a specific message. A web designer must pay equal attention to typography when designing a web page. Its importance is at par with correct color selection, visual hierarchy and functionality. Hierarchy is important in typography as it is vital to the correct interpretation of the message. Spacing issues is another factor that contributes to legibility. Leading Size, Kerning and Tracking are important terms in this context. You can use the Leading Size tool to increase or decrease the whitespace between the rows of text. This is a major factor in readability. The adjustment of spaces between characters in a font is possible by the use of the Kerning tool. A pleasant visual appearance can be achieved. The Tracking tool performs a similar function-the only difference is the space generated. Tracking generates an equal amount of space between each character, while Kerning adjusts the space based on pairs of characters.

Colors play an important role vis-à-vis typography in a website. Although a type is generally of a single color, it interacts with the other colors in the website. They form the background of the text and must complement the typographic color. Many web designers working in Web design Sydney companies experiment with bigger sized typography to achieve better results. Bigger sized typography or macro-sized typography grabs the viewer’s attention decisively. It should not extend beyond four words for the maximum effect.

You can combine two or more typefaces to create a pleasant combination. This is called font pairing. It helps in flat reduction when using a single font in web design. This ‘flat’ effect does not go away even if different styles of one font are used. Fonts of the correct size and weight should be used. Using unsuitable fonts will destroy the design landscape. The fonts should be distinct from the background. Web designers working in web design Sydney companies should replace fonts if necessary to do so. @font-face replacement method is one of the easiest methods. It only relies on CSS and requires a few codes to run it. Google fonts have 500 font families. It has simplicity and trust. Another popular resource is Type kit. More than one thousand fonts are available.