Traits for an Effectively Designed Website

The influx of internet has opened the flood gates of website. With websites being created each and every fleeting second all throughout the world, it has become an imperative for every business to be aided by the web designers at all times.  Website Design Sydney based agencies have come up with certain thumb rules which can define the most effective web design for the newcomers in the agencies.


Effectively Designed Website

The first and the foremost rule of effective web designing is all about drawing a balance between aesthetic and functionality especially you should strike the perfect balance between content, text and graphics while creating the actual website.

a)    The optimum use of graphics and content

Unless the website is holistically dependant on graphics, it is advisable to use the graphics sparingly as too much of flashing and twirling graphics tends to hurt the viewers’ eyes. At times not only they become repulsive for the user but it becomes too much time to load. But it is always kept in mind that too much text can be tedious for the reader. So it is essential to mix and match content and visuals.


b)    Design and Layout


Poor layout and design can be detrimental for your website. It can make the images unreadable and difficult to keep the viewer’s engaged. Web Design Sydney based companies has drawn a list of what makes a makes a website illegible:


1.    Text size is too small
2.    Color combination and background making the text unreadable
3.    Long loading times of the Graphic Files
4.    Complexities of navigation
5.    Blinking distractions
6.    Animation in loop
7.    Cluttered webpage and complicated Frames

Here are some of the points which make the website stand apart in the crowd.

1.    Background which does not interrupt texts
2.    Navigational buttons which is easily understood and used
3.    Defined use of graphics
4.    Graphics which turn off by themselves
5.    Every graphic has a matching text link
6.    The whole website would have immediate visual impact.
7.    A large site having index and site map.


As this article reaches its conclusion, the planning has to decide before hand. Specifically-


What color do you want use?


What items and application would you like to put on your page?


What exactly the lay out do you want?


If you need further assistance, a Sydney Web Design Company is ideal for your queries.