Tips for speeding up your website loading

There has been a perpetual problem which has been persistent since the origin of the websites. That is none other than the loading time. The Google search ranking has 1 indicator amongst the major 200 indicators which defines the loading speed of the website.


In recent times many of the prominent sites have gone down the site rank, due to this one single reason. Slow loading time has never been a formidable enemy, but you can always put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and think of yourself gritting your teeth at the monitor while the loading bar fills up with a slow momentum. Don’t you feel like at that moment you should be punch through monitor or put the CPU on fire? Or take the easiest option out; divert yourself to newer better website. In most cases, the third option works the best.


Tips for WebPage Speed

Keep in mind that optimising webpage loading time is the best option that can happen to your site. You can always check your webpage speed at Google’s PageSpeed Service online but for limited period of time or you can use other free sites like This blog post would be taking up some of the basic tips for speeding up your website pages.

  • The loading speed for the web pages can be enhanced by simple adjustment of the basic aspect of the web sites. By simply compressing the images and replacing the Jpegs by PNGS can help in speeding up the process a lot. Java script enabled tools with the likes of JSMIN helps in compressing the files to much extent further helping in speeding up the loading process. Cleaning up the unused CSS can be very effective in the long run.
  • Compression then compiling your files is another way by which you can boost up the loading process of your web pages. One of the main reasons a website slows down as uncompressed populate most of the web areas. It is definitely logical that heavy load on the web pages can definitely slow down the process.
  • Try to use lesser media in your web pages. Most of the media pages are quite heavy, and it takes a lot of time to load. It is best to host the video on YouTube rather than posting the video online. Whatever you write keep the content less than 3000. And flash intros are a serious no.

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