The Secret of Having a Sparkling Web Presence

What exactly does Web Presence mean?

There are several people who would tell you that Search Engine optimization or SEO and Web Presence are the same thing. But the truth is different. You or your company’s web presence means where and how you are placed in the digital market. It includes the way your products or services have been described. Moreover, how your potential customers can draw relevance between their demand and your product or services.


You might be aware of the fact that nowadays world is simply addicted to the internet. Therefore, the highest priority of every business is to get noticed on the web space. Now, the challenge is whether you can do this effectively or not.


For the last couple of years we have been testing and working on different strategies to provide sparkling web presence to several companies and personalities. As a result, we had the opportunity to summarise them into few simplest steps.


In this post, we are sharing those secrets so that you will be able to gift your business a shiny web presence on this Christmas.

A. Get in Touch with Your Inner Most Desire and Set the Goal

This step is not only true for setting up a business, but also setting up anything related to our lives. So, don’t rush into anything, take some time at the beginning and chalk out your goals. Once the goal is set and the strategy is planned, you are already halfway to your goal.
At this level, try to figure out


  • Who is your target customer?
  • What would be the demography of the target audience?|
  • What major social networking sites would you prefer to broadcast your company?
  • How you want to showcase your products or services?


B. How Would You Like To Present Yourself: Website, Blog or Both?

Now, the first question comes to the mind, “what would represent me or my business on the internet?” The answer is simple; it’s your website, blog or sometimes both. These are those magical tools which reflect your company, products, services, policy, contact details, more or less everything related to you and your company.

Some of the businesses rely on only websites; some of them rely on blogs, many of them use both.

Website designing is no longer just another software term; it’s an art, which is finely crafted with minute detailing. The home page section gives your customers the general introduction about the company, service or products section showcases all your products and service features. A well-developed home page gives the satisfactory answer to your customers’ questions, such as, “Why should I choose you?” And, within few seconds they would decide whether they are going to read more or just leave.


The interesting content of the “About us” part can further develop the trust within the users. This is the place where you should explain in detail about what your company does and what your competitive advantages are.

There are high chances that within few minutes the casual visitor of your site can convert into interested consumer.


Your blog is the place where you can paint your ideas, thoughts, inputs, sometimes tutorials, how-to-dos, videos, event photographs. Perfectly designed blogs can act as a catalyst for your positive web presence. This can establish your unique identity and your customers can better understand you.


You may be thinking, “Why a blog is so much important for me?” The reason is it publishes regular updates from your side. It creates an opportunity for you; there is always a chance that your readers revisit your web place. In addition to this, you can establish yourself as an expert in the related field.


A blog is also a place where your consumers can express their opinion through comments or give a feedback. The more you interact with them directly, the more likely you will be able to win over their trust.


C. Don’t Get Distracted!

These days, the trend of internet marketing is focused more on consumer behaviour and establishing inbound relationship. So, it would be wise for you that you would also concentrate on the said fields. The SEO services worldwide are relying more and more on these. Whenever a potential buyer is looking for a suitable product or service on the web, the higher you are placed on the search engine, i.e. the higher the page rank of your site, there is a probability of increase in your sells.


So, if you have a regular communication with consumers, or you have regular visitors for your site, there is always a buzz about you in the digital world. The more the buzz, the more stunning web presence you have.


D. Are You There on Social Network?

Let’s come to the section, where I would talk about few familiar names from internet world. Until now, these names were associated with your pass-times or just ways to connect with family and friends. Now, these names are going to play serious roles in your business.


Some of the major names will be discussed in the following lines.

  • Linkedin: You can use Linkedin to network with other professionals, business leaders. It has expanded the advertising horizons for business-to-business (B2B) marketing specifically.
  • Google+: Google’s social networking platform is growing fast, better to say in a super fast speed. It has become a key engagement tool for the businesses.
  • Facebook: Facebook creates fantastic fan pages only involving few easy steps. Through these fan pages you can share any information about the company; you can get feedbacks and queries from your existing or potential customers. Also, you can reply to their queries whereas through sponsored updates you can advertise your products and services.
  • Twitter: This little blue bird holds immense potentiality as a news broadcasting medium for the near future. A small crisp Tweet holds the power to spread important news like wildfire.
  • Slideshare: Do you like to create PowerPoint presentations? Then, create few now and upload it to the Slideshare as it plays the major influencing factor of your web presence.
  • Youtube: We all love to listen to music, and we may have browsed thousands of music videos and movie trailers on Youtube. According to statistics, more than 1 billion unique visitors visit Youtube per month. You can create a small video for your business and upload it here. It is much more effective than reading a long description. We can conclude that it is a content tool with much wider scope.
  • Pinterest: The Pinterest can create visual treats for your visitors on behalf of your site. Pin it up the pictures of your products with short descriptions and price tag and voilà! You have a fantastic web catalogue for your business.


E. The Secret of Engagement

To get an effective digital market, you have to engage more and more visitors to your pages, blogs or sites.

Visual displays hold more weightage than only write ups. Interesting images and videos are not only appealing to the audience, but they can help them spending more times in your digital zone.


Another secret tip is to offer your fans or visitors some small token or discount coupon as reward for giving the correct answer or for being a top follower. This would always help in getting more and more followers.


F. What’s your Gain?

Business website, blog with proper blend of internet marketing can successfully be able to capture the prominent place for your business on the internet. Therefore, it can channelise more potential leads towards your business. As the business grows, so does the site. Hence, your web place becomes a community for people. With the help of unique web design, targeted SEO work, proper social networking you will be able to shine on the web and attract more consumers for your business.