The Evolution and the Future of Logo Design

The aspect of logo has been incessantly engraved in the history of mankind some way or the other. In the modern times it has become the representative and the spokesperson of the organisation. Each and every passing hour a logo is born across the world representing itself as the insignia to the nascent company.  But where did this concept of representing one organisation through a single special sign come from? This blog would be delving into the sands of time to go through the evolution of logo design.
Log Design

The origin of Logo takes us back to the prime of Greek civilisation. The term had its derivation from the word ‘logos’ which means words. The earliest logos can be traced back to that of the farmers and the merchants. On the other hand farmers used to hot irons to brand their cattle for the segregation of the cattle from one another.

Logo was used for communication of secret messages between the royalties. The symbols where engraved in the coins of the emperors as monograms.

Back then there was no presence of website designers or logo designers who could be making the symbols by haste. The whole development of the logo was quite tedious.

Thirteenth century was a period which saw the evolution of the merchant class. The merchant class used specific emblems for trading purposes. By the end of the 17th century the each and every merchant class across the world had their own share of trademark or stamp paper which was used as logos.

The introduction of the modern logo design can be traced back to the industrial revolution. The trade mark was gaining much finer quality with the introduction of lithography and photography. Modern logo design is an offshoot of the technical innovation of that period of time. Concept like lithography is still being used in modern website design.

1890s gave way to the first corporate insignia what we seen in the modern times. One of the famous logos of this time was the ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ or the ‘HMV’ where the dog is listening to gramophone. The 1950 introduced the present day logo design with the Chase logo.

The present day symbolic representation is being used in websites implemented by website designer. These insignias are created on a continuous basis.

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