The Difference between Website Design and Web Development

Ever since websites are populating the never ending domains of the World Wide Web, two specific terms have been the basis of argument for quite some time- Website Design and Web Development.

These are the two basic elements for the creation of a website but at times they have been taken from the similar context. But it is imperative understand the differences for the smooth running of the web designing process.

Website Design and development

To put it in a nutshell, web design classifies how the website would be designed. On the other hand web development deals with functional aspect of the functional aspect of how the web site would run.

The difference can be understood through the following lines. To design a website of your own, you consult a web design firm. The people working at the firm talk about the business model, target audience, budget, as well as a theme. The color, font, Logo design would be served to you through number of prototypes. You would be having the option to choose from the prototypes.

After you are done with finalising your design, the firm would initiate the coding and programming process to make it functional. This might include the analytic programs which would help you to monitor and observe the traffic to your site. This will include creating, shopping carts and Contact us pages for the website. Keep in mind, not to make the sight heavy as your client won’t be having much time in their hands. A proficient web development service would help the site load without any kind of hindrance. If you prefer e-commerce sites, flawless web programming is a necessity.

Most of the website design Sydney based firm provide web design and web development in a single package. You can publish the site only if you are happy with the result.