Some Cardinal Mistakes of E-Commerce Website Design

E-commerce Website design has become an imperative for day to day life with most of the business resorting to websites these days. A major percentage of business whether catering to selling services or products depends more on the website rather than the physical shop. So it is becomes essential for the web designer to maintain certain cardinal principles for the creation of the website.

It is always has to be kept in mind that the internet surfer do not have any patience. Research has proven if a user hasn’t found whatever he is searching within 3 clicks, it is a high possibility he would be moving to another site.

Mistakes of E-Commerce Website Design

The following lines of the blog shares some of critical mistakes, which should be avoided at any cost while working on your e-commerce web site design. These critical points are not only followed by web design Sydney based companies, but all throughout world.

a)    The site takes a lot of time to load
The biggest source of annoyance to any surfer is the massive loading time of particular site.  More than 8% of the visitor abandons the site, with every 2% delay in loading.  Before launching the site test the site at all sorts of browsers and ensure that it loads fast.

b)    The shipping cart ask too many questions
If the online buyer has to face a series of questions while checking out, it can be detrimental for your business. It is best not to put the questionnaire while they are checking out. Have the address and the personal details be taken once and for all. The 3 click rule can be applied over here.

c)      Incomplete details of the customer
The three step registration process is imperative of any e-commerce web design. In case he consumer could not complete the purchase, he can always be asked for.

d)    Sending mail each and every day
You should not design your web site, so that it would send mails to the customer each and every day. Mailing to the opt-in list would be sending your mail in the spam folder. A mail once a week should be enough to remind your customers.

If you have further question about e-commerce website, Sydney web design companies is your answer.