Social Implications of Web Design Colours

While designing your websites, colours play an imperative role in engaging the potential target audience to your brand.  The colour code acts as a very powerful tool in attracting as well as stratifying the target audience in your website. Not only it plays a pivotal role in triggering our emotions in variable way, it also affects the age, gender as well as the cultural background.

For the best application of colours and to heighten the response of your site, engage yourself in a proper market research before hiring the apt web designer. If you are having a hard time doing, get yourself acquainted with the some of the thumb rules which have been defined in the following lines:
Web Design Colours

Use of Colours According To Age Group

Colour can play an intensive role on variable ages. Applying bright, jovial colours on your website would be sure to attract the younger generation. Soothing colours can work its wonders on the comparatively aged target audience. If your website design is planning to sell product or service catering to the youthful audience, a splatter of warm colours is a necessity. The colours which are not strenuous to the eyes prove to be useful for the older population.

Use of Colours According To Gender

The colour plays quite a demarcation in gender as well. Male would always go for blue, black and oranges rather than red and yellows which are preferred more by the women. In case of women, they have the ability to differentiate among the hues, so using hues of the same colour can play wonders for web site targeted towards a woman. Different shades of red such as magenta, crimson, blood red- all have got different implication on women which most men won’t be able to differentiate.

Stereotyping men and women to be admirers of pink and blue is a wrong notion. Being a web designer yourself, this notion has to be scraped off.

Use of Colours According To Culture and Ethnicity

Variable ethnicity is defined is defined by different colours. Pink as a colour might not be favored by the people throughout the world, but it is favored in Japan. Use of certain colours might even politically agitate your target audience of certain countries. So be careful about the application of colours on your site .

Judiciously apply your colour on the web site design as well as logo design. For help in web design you can take the help of Sydney Web Design Companies.