SEO Advantages from Responsive Website Design

The year 2013 has already being declared as the year of responsive website designs by SEO experts all around the world. The last two years has seen a proliferation of smart phones and tablets and the coming year would be expecting a boost of sell in the perspective of the big screen. This is a time when responsive website design is taking the world by storm and it has been emerging as a prominent design principle which is going to bring a drastic change in web design world.
Website Design

Other than making it compatible to different screen sizes, responsive website design has beneficial effect on search engine optimisation.

•    The first and foremost, a huge possibility is there from the user to click on the bounce button to search page, if they find your website not responsive to their website. This particular occurrence is called bounce. The responsive version of design helps in minimising bounce rates from websites. The premium search engines take that you might not be proving information to the visitors which leads to drastic fall in rank orders of the search engines.

The mobile bounce rate helps in culminating of the overall bounce rate of your website. Involving a specialist web designer will help in transformation of your website into a perfect responsive one.

•    Another major advantage of responsive website design is that the target traffic is redirected to one single URL.  The traffic gets routed to one single URL whether they are accessing from the mobile site or a desktop computer. This helps in avoiding confusion amongst the users and helps the website climb up the rank ladder.

•    With mobile online searching still being a new phenomenon, major search engine helps in leveraging important inbound links. Search engine such as Google utilises already established links for helping with the rank orders. Your sites visibility would be increased by reinforcing the SERP performance.

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