Logo Design: Do it yourself Part-IV

Before be begin today’s installment on the blog post regarding logo design, this is to remind you that it is the final episode on logo design. For the last few episodes we have already covered quite a few elements on logo designs which included the ways to initiate the logo design process. Few of the episodes were based on the use of the spaces, the application of the typography as well as the implementation of graphics.


The last episode of the Logo was based on the hygiene factors of the Logo design and how to make the Logo design functional. This blog post would act as a closure to all the topics which had been continued since the last few episodes. In the last blog post we finished at the 25th points discussing about the logo designs functionality. Today’s discussion would be continuing from the 26th point where we would be discussing on something of the business considerations as well as about getting feedback on the Logo design and hint about some style guides before we end this series on Logo and its design.


Some Business Considerations to be kept in mind while creating the Logo Design


The aspect of the Logo is much dependent upon the mood of the brand. And while creating there should not be any kind of confusion between the Logo and the brand.


Step 26: The Logo and the Brand: Removing the Confusion

There is common confusion which is persistent with not only laymen but certain designer as well. The logo by itself is not the whole brand. Due to this confusion there are at times when logo designers misinterprets the logo to the target audience. It is best to lock-up the logo with either a strap line or certain brand elements which is recognisable to the previous one.


Step 27: Setting the Right Tone

Every organisation and brand comes with their own set of mood and tones. Same tone which can be applied for creating a Logo for a children TV channel cannot be applied for a law firm. Logo design with taking every business elements in account is not a joke, so it is much advisable to accumulate all the elements which set up the brand mood.


The importance of Feedback

Feedback has always been very important form art form whether it is professional or commercial. So after the completion of the Logo Design, feedback acts as the best acid test.


Step 28: Show your finished Logos

Your near and dear ones come to your biggest whenever you are done with your Logo Design. Reveal the Logo to your friends and families in every possible ways. Ask for their immediate feedback and ask them what their opinion about the logo design is? Check the Logo thoroughly before you send it to the client.


Step 29: Ask the client questions specific to the business

Whenever you are meeting the client for the first after finishing off the logo vague questions are a big no-no at this stage. Never ever ask the client if they have liked the Logo or not. Get yourself acquainted with asking certain questions like – If the brand logo meets the brief or not? Or does the logo have all the brand elements embedded in it?


Step 30: Reveal your Logo to a Cosmopolitan Crowd

A new Logo should always be revealed to an international audience for further approval and feedback. One symbol which might look too naive in one culture can be detrimental to another. So testing your logo on an international basis can prove to be helpful when your logo gets exposed globally.


Step 31: Expect Heavy Criticism

Everybody is a critique. But whenever it comes to Logos, expect 80% of the crowd to provide you with negative criticism. But don’t get bogged down with this kind of criticism.  Man is an adaptive animal and he would be adapting to your Logo design slowly and steadily. At one point of time the logo design would be accepted and liked by the target audience.


Style Guides

Creating Style guides is the step which should be taken when the Logo Design has already made big name in the market. So what should the style guide of your logo comprise?


Step 32: Creating your own Logo Style Guide

The style guide would include the different designs, typefaces, positioning, sizes which would be required for defining the logo to the public. The style guide would be discussing about the colour options and the specification of different sizes which would be appropriate for the brand. The positioning and spacing of Logo design would be clearly defined on different kinds of medium.


Steps 33: The Negatives should be clearly defined

The style guide would be required to define every not-to-dos of your Logo Design in a clear cut manner. It is best to illustrate every specification with thorough examples. The main motive of the Logo style guide is to see that the logo design is never misinterpreted.


Few last Words we end


Step 34- Logo Design Flow Chart

If you are still clueless about how to initiate your web design campaign, you can always download Logo design flow chart from the internet. These flowcharts would able to help you with a foolproof award winning Logo design campaign.


Hope you liked these few of the episodes on making your own Logo design. So if you are having any opinion about Logo design, share it with us.
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