Logo Design : Do it yourself Part-I

We belong to a juncture when times are changing and the areas of technology and social media are continuously shifting. Sign and symbols have become an inevitable part of our lives, influencing our everyday living.


Brand and Logo: A Love Story
Brand designer across the globe are taking bold steps to give their brands more relevant to the contemporary times making the aspect of logo an essential part of our day to day lives.


Logos in brief are something by which we get know of a brand whether big or small. To put it in nutshell logos are something which introduces the brand to the common man, becomes the face of organisation to the client who represents and a set of ideologies which gets packed in a single graphical imagery for the designers.


With brands flooding the market place, there has been an influx of logos in the present times. The biggest challenge for the designers is to come up with a logo which can act as differentiator from the others. This has become the age the expectation of high-end logo design has never been higher.


The Logo Design Process
The biggest question at the moment is how you would be able to actually give your logo an identity of your own which can help it to stand out from the identical counterparts?
It is not impossible to achieve this goal. You only have to focus on some of the things for the creation of the Logo. The criteria have been sighted through the following lines:


Step-1 : Give some thoughts to your Logo Design

  • You might be excited about your new brand and too much eager about your new logo. But before diving into your logo design, it is best to have a thorough research about your target audience. Your logo has many roles to play, communicating a brand to the right or simply developing it is one of them.


  • If you are developing a logo for a client, it is imperative that you should be involving them as early as possible as their perspective might differ from yours. So it is best to take a proper brief about the brand characteristics.


Step-2 : STP Is the Way to Do It

  • It is best to Segment, target and position your brand even before you start. Segmenting will help you to segregate the audience which you are planning to target. Targeting would help you in deciding on the precise demography in that cluster, and by positioning, you would be able to brand within that population.


Step-3 : The Do’s and Don’ts list

  • Chalk out a Do’s and Don’ts checklist before even commencing with the logo design. This would help you with a framework of what are the things you would like to inculcate in the brand logo.


Step-4 : Inspire Yourself

  • If you are short of ideas you can always be able seek inspiration. Go through the Google images or even a bunch of old photographs which your mom has kept stacked inside the cupboard. You can always find inspiration from the trivial things of life.


Step-5 : Say No to Imitation

  • The number one tip in the lists of don’ts is that you should never ever imitate from any previous logo. Throughout your life you might have come across several thousand brands and have taken many of the brands to be your hero. Don’t let these brand logos to inspire you in any possible way in bringing up your logo. Ideate the logo on your own.


Step-6 : Give a Deaf ear to the Client’s Dictates

  • Another ‘doesn’t’ in the series of ‘don’ts’ is never to let your clients dictate any of the terms when your logo is in the development table. The clients would be continuously blabbering about to basic things whenever they come to you about logo design. The logo either has to be memorable or iconic. Avoid these words entering into your ears.


Step-7 : A Rough Sketch Is Just the Start

  • One of the basic approaches for the creation of the logo is to work out a sketch only by using a pen and a paper. Experiment with the ideas in the small piece. Come up with a doodle for every idea which is conjuring from your inside.


Step-8 : Applications Assemble

  • Use applications like Photoshop and Illustrators CS to come up with vector form of logos which you were doodling during the experimentation phase. Photoshop would help you in manipulating all the logo elements.


There are many things to a logo which meets the eye, which cannot be completed in this single blog post. Look out for more in the near future.

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