How Would Website Design Change In The Year 2013?

With a variety of websites taking refuge in the World Wide Web, the aspect of website design has become very much dynamic. There are epic changes each and every year which improves the way by which we experience websites in our day to day lives. This blog post would be envisaging some of the changes in website design which would be taking over the virtual world in the year 2013.  Whatever be the prediction the emphasis would be more on brand designing rather than website related trends. The following lines would take into account the upcoming trends of website designs.
2013 web design trends

a)    Vertical Scrolling

The year 2013 will see the changing nature of web optimisation. In recent times, most websites supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling when mobile phones are taken into considerations. But this vertical scrolling would be taking an upper hand for the mobile users due to its convenience, efficiency and user friendliness. Due to the most efficient method of navigation, it is being predicted that it would much preferred by the user.

b)    Responsive Website Design

The responsive website design is the new in-thing. With its origin last year, the website designers are taking this trend to the next level for the benefit of the users. With the proliferation of new kinds of devices with different screen sizes, responsive websites is the thing. The responsive websites are appropriate for elimination of screen size issues. The trend would be changing the way website owners, graphic designers and users perceive websites.

c)    Big Buttons

Due to the proliferation of the touch screen, big buttons is highly predictable in the year 2013. The large blue buttons which are being used for cosmetic purposes, is predicted to be one of the necessities this year. The whole concept is to make the process of tapping very fluid and easy.

d)    Parallax Scrolling

The use of parallax scrolling would be having a massive evolution in the year 2013. The concept of parallax is much related to video gaming. This kind of scrolling helps in defining the depth of the web pages.

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