Few Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

The concept of website design has become imperative in the creation of the website. With billions of website populating the place what is known as the World Wide Web, the website has become the order of the day for the business scenario on a global scale. The website is the hub where the traffic gets converted to customers and the customers help in the generation for business. Thus it has to be kept in mind that the website has to be flawless in its deliverability. The following lines of the blog would be elaborating some of the mistakes which help in repulsing the incoming traffic.
Web Design Mistakes

1.    Flash introduction: it becomes an annoyance for the one who wants to enter the site in a jiffy and cannot enter due to his slow internet connection and the prolonged and irritating flash movie loading sequence. Most customers browse the web with a goal in mind. Whether be it buying or selling, the heavy loading sequence in the beginning is a deterrent for a web site design.

2.    Navigation is one important element; web designer should be caring about. A website without home button or user interface with very confused navigation system would be enough to drive away the crows.

3.    Answer the ‘what is purpose of the site question is the answer to one crucial thing- your website designing is not up to the mark with the product you are selling. User by a very busy schedule, if they raise this kind of question, inevitably they would move onto another site.

4.    Browsers are essentials tools of the internet. Test your site in premium browser which are available on web.

5.    Continuously updating your links is another way to keep your traffic alive and kicking. Links that go nowhere or links marooned by their user are all detrimental for your business.

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