Few Implementations of Responsive Website Design

The aspect of responsive website design has been in the process of engulfing the cyber world within a span of very little time. The type of web designing is programmed to acclimatise to any form of screen resolution, even though the user changes the device for surfing the net. The concept of RWD (Acronym for Responsive Web designing) has the ability to automatically switch and accommodate as per the image size, scripting abilities and specifically the resolution of the screen of the preferred device to be used.
Responsive Website Design

The fluid grid, layouts and specific media queries of the RWD or Adaptive web design help in formatting the websites to fit the actual resolution of the screen and give the user an optimum visual experience. The website designers don’t have to face the predicament of creating separate websites for each of the devices which supports internet. This blog would be focusing on some of the practices of RWD through the following lines.

Few implementations of RWD

•    Flexibility of Images: One of the exclusive features of RWD is that the images are fluid enough to adapt easily to variable screen sizes of the parent devices. This type of website design use context aware images sizing for intuitive adaptability of the images.

•    JQuery: One of the imperative elements which is present in this kind of Adaptive web designing is the JQuery plug-in. This plug-in helps the responsive website design helps in fitting texts, Fitting videos as well as get it elasticized.

•    Fluid Layouts:  The adaptive nature of any websites to acclimatise to any screen size and resolution is dependent on the fluid layout of the responsive websites. The value is never defined by pixel, but percentage. The value is obtained by calculated by the elements width divided by the total grid size.

•    Media Queries: The media query plug-in which is available with CSS 3 which helps in information gathering from the site visitors. Based on the client requirement the screen resolution can be worked with efficient manner.

The whole implementation of website design not only helps in rapid growth, time and cost affectivity it changes the perspective of how you view the website. If you are planning to responsive website design you can always opt for Website Design Sydney