Few Essential Do’s And Don’ts of Web Design Graphics

With the websites developing each and every passing second across the globe, website design has become an essential for molding a distinguished website.  The post millennium era has opened a new avenue for the business sector as both old and new businesses are resorting to websites. Thus these websites has to be created unique and different form each other. This can only be done with the help of web design. The graphics, the contents, the layout and a combination of several other things are responsible for alluring the visitors and retaining them on site. This blog would be taking up the element of web graphics and would be elucidating some do’s and don’ts of implementing web designs.-
Graphics Web Design

Let’s get on with some of the Do’s of Web design graphics

    It is imperative to use Alt- Tags. A tool like Alt- Tags helps in providing tips and description of the image to the user.

•    The use of the right graphic format is a must. It has to be kept in mind that Gif and Jpeg are the only 2 formats which are supported by most of the web browsers.

    Adding width and height tags would help the graphics load faster. So adding a judicious helping of the width and height tags is essential for your website.

    Testing your websites by different web browsers and using different monitors from older to new would help you in deciphering the shortcomings of your website.

Now for a dose of don’ts

    Avoid stuffing your page with unnecessary graphics. Not only would slow down the loading time but too much clutter can prove to be irritating for your clients.

    Avoid using too much of flash animation. Too much usage of flash animations can infuriate your visitor and force them to leave your site.

The graphic embodies the visual aspect of the website design. This is one primary element which has to be handled with care. If you are need of graphic design, you can always go for Sydney Web Design Companies.