Essential Do’s and Don’ts about using website design colours

Website design with the proliferation of websites across the internet superhighway has become a quintessential tool for alluring target audience and visitors alike to the site. With changing times web design has attained the stature of an art form. It is the balanced combination of colour, layout, content and theme which helps in framing the perfect website design. The blog would be dealing with one of these essential elements- Colour and explaining all the dos and don’ts for applying colour in your website.

Colour plays an imperative role for keeping the audience engaged to the site. But erratic application of colour can ruin your website.
website design colours

So let us get on with some of Do’s about application of the colour:

•    Firstly, the colour should be tallying with images and pictures which are used in the website. It should be aptly synchronised with the brand style which is portrayed in the website.  It should be consistent with the flow of content and the layout of your website. Colour is one of the prime differentiating factor which separate you form other like-minded website. It is the perfect amalgamation of pictures, colours and graphics will help in long time engagement of the client.

•     It is advisable for the web designer to choose solid, plain colours as visitor can adapt to the colour more easily.

•    Make sure that the logo design and header are consistent with the colours that are being used in your website. Staying consistent with colors won’t leave your visitors bamboozled and make the visitor’s stay longer.

Now for some Don’ts:

•    Never use colour for your web design which can irritate your visitors. Fluorescent colours, bright pinks or unconventional colours like a weird a shade of magenta can enough to make your visitors bolt from your site.

•    Don’t use black background white fonts which can reduce the contrast. Highest readability can be achieved by using colour the other way round.

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