A Comparative Study between Static Websites and WordPress

Since internet had its origin Website has always been the only vessel which has helped in transferring of information form one user to another user. Website has always been the prime concerns for the developers and the owners alike.


It has been more than a decade and the utility of website has increased by manifolds. It is through these websites; businesses are taking refuge online and having its exposure on a global scale.


So, whenever any initiative is taken to create a website, the business owners and the developers come in confrontation with the big question: What is the objective of the web site?


So whenever this question comes into consideration, it has to be tackled very tact fully. We have been staying at a juncture when we are open to options like traditional static sites or sites like WordPress.


WordPress is the child of the present generation. It is the platform which is apt for the delivery of the business content by which search engine adores. On the other hand, static pages are the traditional ones. This blog post would be dealing with the comparative study between traditional static web pages and the pages out of the word press.


There are several pros and cons for both static websites and that of WordPress. Both the pros and cons would be discussed through the following lines starting with that of the static site.


Static Websites in Brief :

To talk about static websites, these are archaic version which mainly implements HTML either manually or through applications of web designing programs with the likes of Adobe Dream Weaver or Microsoft Expressions. There is a gamut of programs which are available on the net which are of similar kinds which helps in implementing the HTML coding. The HTML process is easy to make a clone copy of the site.


The site creation is not a cake walk if compared to that of the WordPress application. If the role of SEO comes into consideration then it is best to avoid the static option, as there are far better options available at this point of time.


So what are the pros of Static Websites ?

  • A static page only takes much time to create one or two single pages. These are mainly needed for email opt-in sites, a single page brochure or sales pages. A person with the knowledge of HTML can easily make up something of it.
  • Due to its commonality with the XML syntax, it can be worked between 2 different platforms.


… And what are the Cons ?

  • Maintaining a HTML site is way too expensive for the user. The owner of the website has to keep in mind the web developer who originally developed the site to keep continuing with the reference works. At times it becomes impossible for the owner.
  • It is very difficult to organise the site of 50-100 pages. It might be easy to maintain 1 or 2 pages but organising that too many pages would be tad too messy as the web pages becomes a little outdated or missing with time.


Something about Word Press :

Originally created as blogging software way back in year 2003, it is growing by leaps and bounds in every possible direction. Not only meant for blogging, it can also be used for creation for large scale multi-faceted sites. Due to its open source nature, users can manipulate in any way they want. There are gargantuan numbers of plug-ins and add on to choose from. As WordPress is still is in its nascent stage, it is far from perfect. But still it is way better than HTML.


So what are pros for WordPress ?

There are so many pros to WordPress it is difficult to fit them in this small space but anyhow any ways here are some.

  • Users are able to choose from huge number of themes. These themes are ranges from colours, looks, niche groups and variety of subjects. There are designers who are dedicated for the creation of unique themes for the users to choose from.
  • The aspect of updating is very easy for the WordPress. There are innumerable number of virtual assistants who would help in the updating the applications which has been customised to your website.


… And what are the Cons ?

  • Regular upgrades are provided in the site to chase away the spammers. But this also affects the user as well.
  • User might not get sufficed by WordPress theme, so they might have to customise the themes their ways.


So if you would like to know more about Static websites and WordPress, just click here to consult with an expert.