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Why Redesign Your Website?

There are many reasons for redesigning your website. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious. Here is a list of our top 10 reasons.

Today's demanding business environment requires enterprises to align their business goals and strategies with appropriate, reliable and scalable technology infrastructures to ensure efficient operations and strong competitive positioning.

Vision & Solutions is a solutions-oriented IT services and software outsourcing company. The services stretch across the full application life cycle right from planning, design, development to implementation, roll out and maintenance. Going beyond the present requirements of your business, they are designed to grow and expand with your business.

Our success depends on the extensive collective knowledge of our team on almost all of the available technology choices. Our job is to know which technologies will work best for your business - helping you optimise your IT investment, improve productivity, and minimising your cost.

Websites Outdated

Just like hairstyles, websites also get outdated. What was all the rage a couple of years ago is now seen as passé. So if your site is looking a little old, tired and sporting a beehive, it's probably time for a makeover!

Stay ahead of your competition

The web makes it easy for people to find information about your company and services at the click of a button.

It's important for your website to make an impact and stay ahead. Your website needs to out-do your competition or you'll face losing valuable clients. Spend a bit of time looking at your competition; analysing competitor's sites is one of the most important parts of the redesign process.

A timely redesign could enable you to steal a march on your competitors rather than waiting for them to redesign and then having to play catch-up.

The design does not reflect your brand or the aspirations of your clients

When people visit your site, they see it as a reflection of your company. If your site looks professional and is full of helpful content they will see you as professional and helpful. This is why it's so important for your site to reflect the identity and ideals (brand) of your company.

People like doing business with people they can relate to, feel they are similar to or who make them feel good about themselves.

Sending a strong clear message about who you are and what you stand for makes clients want to do business with you.

A site that reflects where you're heading, not where you've been.

Markets change, clients get savvier and businesses evolve to meet new demands. If your site is more than a couple of years old the chances are it's more a reflection of where you've been than where you're heading. Redesigning your site not only gives you the chance to align it with your current message, it also gives you the opportunity to think about where you're heading and to plan for the future... Your website should be a reflection of where you are now and where you are heading, not where you have just been. After all wouldn't you prefer to do business with somebody who is looking to the future rather than being stuck in the past?

You want to update the content yourself, to keep your site fresh

One of the best things about using the internet rather than traditional channels is the ability it gives to respond to market changes, new business opportunities or customer requirements. You don't have to wait until your current brochure run is used up before you make changes; you can simply update your site whenever you want.

Often this is because the websites have been built so they can only be updated by the person who designed them.

Fresh website content is an extremely important factor in encouraging people to revisit your site and can help give you the edge over your competition.

Why would anybody come back to your site if it hasn't changed in months?

Attract more visitors

Just because something is there doesn't mean people will come and use it. If people have never heard of your site, don't know what's there and don't know how to get there why on earth would you expect them to visit it?

A site redesign can help you attract more visitors in a number of ways. Building search engine 'visibility' into a new site is much more effective than trying to increase your visibility once a site has been built.

If your visitors' goals - and your business objectives - are not the focus of your website, it's time to think about a redesign.

Increase your turnover, get prospects to convert, shoppers to buy

While it's relatively simple to build a basic website, it's a much more involved proposition to build a website that actually performs.

With firm goals and an understanding of your visitors you can make informed decisions on how the site should look, work and sound.

Does the site design back up your goals?

Does the navigation encourage people to click on the section you want them to click on?

How about the content - does it have the right tone?

Make the site easier to use, help clients find what they (and you) want

First and foremost, a website should be easy to use and easy to navigate. If you can't find what you're looking for, if the site navigation frustrates you or makes you feel stupid, the website is not doing it's job. Site designers and site owners sometimes fail to see these problems because they are so familiar with the site design, content and navigation. A site redesign will enable you to listen to your users, find out what helps them and build a site that is easier to use and thus more effective.

Make the content more relevant, communicate with your clients more effectively

Having relevant content is one of the most important things about having a web presence. It means providing content that is interesting and useful to your site users while supporting your core goals. Most people scan over web pages trying to determine if the page is going to be of any use. This is why web copy has to be short, punchy and to the point.

A great marketing and PR opportunity

A site redesign would give you the opportunity to re-address how you communicate with your clients and to write copy that is simple, on target and more effective.

People need to keep being reminded about things. Having a site redesign is a great opportunity to contact your existing customers, potential customers ,the press .Also what's new and that you're keeping things up-to-date.

Simply put, a site redesign can be a great marketing and PR tool for your business.

Get a free evaluation of your desired website from our professional web designers and feel free to visit our web design portfolio to review the class of our work.